Why Choose Belden Real Estate Management?

If you have a rental property or are the owner of multiple properties, you may not have the time to manage them sufficiently. To ensure your properties are maintained in the best way possible and provide the best care and preventive maintenance, a real estate management company is your best friend. Stay tuned to learn about why you should choose Belden Real Estate Management for all your properties.


What We Do

It’s important to get a company that takes care of everything, which ensures you achieve the best management for your properties; this means we:


  • Discover the best-qualified tenants in the most reasonable time frame
  • Ensure your properties are well-maintained with quarterly visits
  • Manage your monthly income and cash flow through a stringent process of collecting rent
  • Maintain effective communication between you and your tenants


To accomplish these primary objectives, we have a system we follow that’s proven to be successful. Some of the things we do include an aggressive online marketing and advertising campaign, affordable maintenance and handyman services, a thorough and strict tenant screening and placement, and more.



Some questions you might have about our process are answered below.


Q: How long will it take to rent my home?

A: Good Question! We understand you want to collect rent and start generating cash flow quickly, so we aim to get your home rented as soon as possible. It usually takes about 2-6 weeks, more or less, depending on the circumstances. 


Q: Where do you advertise our property?

A: We only use sites we know will bring the most attention to your property, such as KSL (Rentler), Hotpads.com, AHRN.com (national military website), Zillow Rentals (who also places ads on Craigslist and Yahoo). We also use our website www.beldenrem.com, where our current and future customers refer to, amongst others.


Q: How do I check the financial status of my property?

A: Our system includes an Owner access portal that enables you to log in and check your statements on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. You can also request an email statement; however, our online system can be used 24/7 to make it the most convenient.


Q: Can you sell my house to the tenant?

A: Of course. It’s not very common for a tenant to purchase the home they rent, but it can be a good option with good tenants that want to stay. If the price works for you and them and the tenant qualifies for purchase, we can represent both of you in the transaction. When a tenant purchases a client’s home, we require a 3 percent commission per our management agreement. If desired, we can sell your home to another party as well.


For More Information, Contact Belden REM

The above is just a small part of what we do to ensure your property(s) is well-managed. Contact us for more information and let us take the burden of property management off your hands and into ours. Call us today!

What are the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate?

If you’re looking to get into commercial real estate, you will need to know the different types of commercial real estate. Keep reading to learn about the six types and what they comprise. 


With office commercial real estate, you have two types: urban or suburban. Cities have urban office buildings, which include skyscrapers and high-rise properties. Suburban offices are normally smaller and sometimes grouped in office parks. Just one tenant can occupy the space or multiply tenants, with many built-to-suit.

Office Buildings Rank In Three Tiers:

  • Class A: These are the most prestigious buildings that compete for premier office space, with above-average rents for the area. Contractors build high-quality finishes, with the best systems, extraordinary accessibility, and a defined market presence.
  • Class B: Buildings that compete for a wide variety of users with above-average rents with building finishes and systems fair to good for the area. Class B doesn’t compete with class A for the same price.
  • Class C: Below-average for the area, class c competes for tenants requiring functional space.


The retail sector comprises retailers and restaurants people frequent and can have several tenants, with an anchor or lead tenant; they serve to drive traffic to the property. It can also be just standalone, single-use buildings.

Size, concept, types and number of tenants, as well as trade area are all factors in the retaIl sector, therefore, can be complicated to navigate. National chain stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Costco, considered big box centers are single-tenanted buildings. Pad sites that include a single tenant within a shopping center usually include a bank, drug store, or restaurant. 


With a variety of tenants, industrial buildings operate mainly outside the urban areas, particularly along major transportation routes. These low-rise buildings are often grouped into industrial parks and are categorized into four types:

  • Heavy Manufacturing – heavily customized buildings and house machinery manufacturers that need to operate, producing goods and services</b
  • Light Assemblynot as customized and could be used for product assembly or storage
  • Bulk Warehouselarge buildings used as distribution centers
  • Flex Industrialcontain a mix of both office and industrial space


This type of commercial real estate comprises all types outside of single-family, and includes apartments, condos, co-ops, and townhomes. These are also classified into Class A, B, and C. Apartment rental buildings are split into six property types:

  1. High-rise
  2. Mid-rise
  3. Garden-style
  4. Walk-up
  5. Manufactured housing community
  6. Special-purpose housing


Hotels may be boutique or independent or flagged (part of a major hotel chain). The hotel sector is also split into six separate categories, such as limited service, full service, boutique, casino, extended stay, and resort.

Special Purpose

Also owned by commercial real estate investors, but doesn’t fall within the above the above categories, special purpose includes churches, self-storage, amusement parks, and bowling alleys.

Belden Real Estate Management

If you’re looking into commercial real estate business or own properties and need management services, we can help. We find and place only the best-qualified tenants possible and in a reasonable timeframe in the Layton, Utah area. Contact us to learn more!


Property Management Ogden

Belden Real Estate is proud to represent rental properties in the Ogden, Utah area. It is an exciting time to live in Ogden, and the growth has shown that. Ogden has been growing at a healthy rate in the last several years, and the market for rentals is still on an upward incline, like much of the nation. Between retiring baby boomers and a large rising generation of millennials, the need for small and temporary properties has risen dramatically. Ogden is no exception.

Ogden has a need for rentals to serve several segments of the vital population. Weber State University is a focal point of the greater Ogden area, and rentals for students of all ages are in high demand. Don’t forget the Ogden-Weber Applied Technical College, Stevens-Henager, and other trade schools which attract students in need of housing. Another popular demographic for rentals are young professionals who flock to jobs at the Internal Revenue Service branch, McKay Dee Hospital, the university and local school district, and the growing business parks and corporation headquarters which are located in Ogden.

Ogden is also accessible by I-15 and I-84, as well as US-89 for driving commuters, or UTA bus or Frontrunner train commuting. This means there are many traveling into Ogden each day for business, or Ogden residents traveling to jobs in Salt Lake City, Brigham City, Layton, or anywhere in the greater North Salt Lake region. What does this mean for you? Rental potential.

If you own property in the Ogden area, you can be earning major passive income from that property. Managing a rental property can be complicated and more work than you’re ready to take on, but Belden Real Estate is local, knowledgeable, and well-versed in the real estate needs of the Ogden area. If you enlist the management of the Belden group, we can successfully manage your Ogden property while all you have to do is cash your rent checks. We keep the properties clean and up to date. We’ll collect rent, find and screen tenants, handle any emergencies or maintenance work. We are trustworthy and committed to the area, which means you can rest easy knowing your property is in the best of hands.

Don’t waste time and stress on your Ogden rental property – let us do the work and send you the checks. Call Belden Real Estate Management today!

Property Management in Bountiful

Bountiful Utah is a beautiful place to live, with much to offer. Those who live there enjoy the neighborly community and the benefits of bustling commerce. Nestled into the foothills around the bend from Salt Lake City, Bountiful operates as it’s own successful city, while also serving as a “bedroom” community with close access to Salt Lake City. Many inhabitants of Bountiful commute into Salt Lake City or the Salt Lake Valley for work or school, as it’s just minutes away from downtown, the University of Utah, and thousands of booming businesses. Thanks to Frontrunner and the Legacy Parkway it is easier than ever to move between Bountiful and Salt Lake City.

Bountiful has slowed in growth as boundaries have been met and free spaces filled. But the demand for housing and rentals has remained high. People are looking for reliable housing, and homeowners are more frequently looking for newer or quieter options. At Belden Real Estate we are here to help. If you own a property in the Bountiful area, you may not even realize the demand for rentals, and the potential you have to be earning passive income.

Or maybe you’re already a landlord in the Bountiful area, frustrated with all the complicated details and moving pieces of your rental process. You have to rigorously check your potential tenants, keep up on contracts, maintain and repair the properties, and so much more. Belden Real Estate can help you with that! Our property management is designed to help you enjoy the best parts of being a landlord without all the hassle.

If you own a rental property in the Bountiful area, or you’re considering utilizing your property as a rental for an easy passive income, you can eliminate most of the stress by hiring Belden Real Estate & Property Management. We’ll check your properties, advertise, screen tenants, take care of maintenance, collecting timely rent, and any other issues a landlord needs to face. We offer an affordable rate and simply send on your passive income so you can enjoy the very best parts of being a landlord with none of the stress.

Give Belden Real Estate a call for help managing your Bountiful Utah property!