If you have a rental property or are the owner of multiple properties, you may not have the time to manage them sufficiently. To ensure your properties are maintained in the best way possible and provide the best care and preventive maintenance, a real estate management company is your best friend. Stay tuned to learn about why you should choose Belden Real Estate Management for all your properties.

What We Do

It’s important to get a company that takes care of everything, which ensures you achieve the best management for your properties; this means we:

To accomplish these primary objectives, we have a system we follow that’s proven to be successful. Some of the things we do include an aggressive online marketing and advertising campaign, affordable maintenance and handyman services, a thorough and strict tenant screening and placement, and more


Some questions you might have about our process are answered below.

Q: How long will it take to rent my home?

A: Good Question! We understand you want to collect rent and start generating cash flow quickly, so we aim to get your home rented as soon as possible. It usually takes about 2-6 weeks, more or less, depending on the circumstances. 

Q: Where do you advertise our property?

A: We only use sites we know will bring the most attention to your property, such as KSL (Rentler), Hotpads.com, AHRN.com (national military website), Zillow Rentals (who also places ads on Craigslist and Yahoo). We also use our website www.beldenrem.com, where our current and future customers refer to, amongst others.

Q: How do I check the financial status of my property?

A: Our system includes an Owner access portal that enables you to log in and check your statements on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. You can also request an email statement; however, our online system can be used 24/7 to make it the most convenient.

Q: Can you sell my house to the tenant?

A: Of course. It’s not very common for a tenant to purchase the home they rent, but it can be a good option with good tenants that want to stay. If the price works for you and them and the tenant qualifies for purchase, we can represent both of you in the transaction. When a tenant purchases a client’s home, we require a 3 percent commission per our management agreement. If desired, we can sell your home to another party as well.

For More Information, Contact Belden REM

The above is just a small part of what we do to ensure your property(s) is well-managed. Contact us for more information and let us take the burden of property management off your hands and into ours. Call us today!