"Your Property is Our Priority"TM
"Your Property is Our Priority"TM

What We Do

Our Top Priorities For Your Property Are:

1. Find & place only the best-qualified tenant possible in the most reasonable time frame
2. Ensure the best care & preventative maintenance of your property which would include quarterly visits
3. Maintain your monthly income & cash flow through a strict and streamlined collection of rents
4. Maintain good communication with you & your tenants

We Accomplish These Objectives Through:

  • Aggressive Online Marketing and Advertising
  • Thorough and Strict Tenant Screening & Placement
  • Timely Streamlined Collection of Rents Through Strict Enforcement of Lease Terms and Online Payment Options
  • Affordable Maintenance & Handyman Services
  • Frequent Quarterly Visits and Additional Visits as necessary


  • Notification to You For Required &/Or Requested Maintenance & Repairs
  • Monthly & Yearly Financial Statements through Online Owner Access
  • Quick Disbursement of Your Rents via Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Improve Your Cash Flow- We Charge Much Less Than Our Competitors
  • Please click on “Owners/Investors” For More Details About Each of These Services or email us at info@beldenrem.com

Some Really Good Common Questions AND Answers!

Q: How long will it take you to rent my home?

A: Since your goal is to collect rent and cash flow quickly, our goal is to rent your home as quickly as possible while only placing the best tenant possible. Most of our properties generally rent within 2-6 weeks while some take less than this and others take longer than this. We can’t guarantee when it will rent but most fall within this period. Many times we are surprised at how quickly many homes get rented especially in the current market conditions.

Q: Where do you advertise our property?

A: We use every best resource possible and do not charge additionally for advertising at any time. Our competitors will tell you they place ads on “5000” different websites but they are using an outside service that may or may not actually place your home on these websites and most of these do not attract new tenants. We only use the sites that we know work and bring attention to your property. We use sites such as KSL (Rentler) which is one of the top sites for new tenants, Hotpads.com, AHRN.com (national military website), Zillow Rentals (which also places ads on Yahoo and Craigslist), Our own website www.beldenrem.com which many of our current and future customers refer to, and several others.

Q: Do other clients allow pets? Is there a problem if we do not?

A: Many of our clients prefer no pets in their homes and that does not necessarily prevent your home from renting. Yes, there is a large population of tenants that have their beloved chihuahua or kitty that they can not let go, but most of our clients will make it negotiable depending on the number of pets, the breeds, the sizes, etc. Our policy is to charge a pet deposit amount that is refundable to the tenant as long as their pet does not do damage. The amount is negotiable between all parties. We ALWAYS default to NO PETS if the owner is not clear on this or if it is something the owner mentions some worry about. If you state in the contract you will allow them, then we will follow what is indicated in writing.

Q: How much do you charge a tenant upon move in?

A: Our standard is to charge the first month’s rent and a security deposit. The market does not usually allow first and last month’s rent in addition to a deposit although some areas in other states do allow this. In our market, the most common you will see landlords charge a tenant is the first month’s rent and a security deposit of the same amount. So if your rent is $995, the deposit we would default to charging would be $995.

Q: Do you have to do maintenance on my property or can I use my own guy?

A: No you do not have to use our services for maintenance. These services are provided for those that prefer to be completely “hands-off” and allow us to handle all aspects of the managed property. Many of our clients prefer to be “hands-off” but we do have several that are still local and prefer to have their own handyman take care of things because they get a really good rate or simply trust their longstanding service. We do not have a problem with this. *We will simply notify you of things that come up along the way and you can decide whether you want us to handle it or if you do. *This does not apply to emergencies. Please see our management agreement for details.

Q: How soon will we get paid our rents each month?

A: Our EFT system will process payments between the 8th and 10th each month. Generally, payments take about 2 business days to post to your account. Most of our clients see their payments between the 11th and 13th each month. If there is a late rent payment, we will email you prior to this date and let you know we are working on collecting the rent or that we are trying to contact the tenant for the reason why it is unpaid so you are not wondering on the 25th of the month why the rent is not in your account.

Q: How do I see check the financial status of my property?

A: We have a new Owner access portal that allows you to log in and check your statements on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. We can also email you the statement upon request, although the online system is so easy to use and can be used 24/7 so we want it to be most convenient for you! Click on Owner/Investors and click on “Owner Login”. Please email us if you have lost or forgotten your username and password

Q: Do I pay for the eviction if a tenant has to be evicted?

A: Yes, you would pay for an Unlawful Detainer action but this as much AFTER we have already done everything we can to resolve the issue with the tenant. Of course, these are rare because of our strict tenant selection standards, but in the case that it is necessary, we will notify you first and then proceed as requested. Out of these rare instances, 99% of these tenants knowing they have to show up in court, will not draw out the process and actually show up or answer the notice which means you would only pay a fraction of the total cost to evict someone. Rarely do cases go past this point. Please contact us for details about the costs associated with this process. Also because we do select the best tenant possible does not mean a tenant can lose their job, divorce, bring in unauthorized adults or pets, cause damage to the property through the lack of maintenance, etc. but this is the reason we visit the property quarterly and notify you of any issues or problems we see.

Q: Can you sell my house to the tenant?

A: Yes we can. It is not as common for a tenant to purchase the home in which they rent, but that is sometimes a good option with well-qualified tenants that desire to remain in the same home. If the price is right for you and for them and they qualify to purchase we can represent both parties in the transaction although this is not required. Our management agreement specifies that we are paid 3% when a tenant purchases a client’s home. We can also simply sell your home to another party as well.

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