"Your Property is Our Priority"TM
"Your Property is Our Priority"TM

West Point Property Management

Affordable & Complete Property Management in West Point

If only leasing properties were easy—it can be when West Point landlords have the right property management team in their corner. When you depend on Belden Real Estate Management, you can rest assured that all of your management needs will be met. We’ll identify and place the ideal tenant for your property, and then take care of all the paperwork and follow-up. Need regular inspections? How about quarterly financial statements? Don’t live in West Point and want peace of mind knowing the terms of your lease are being fulfilled? We do it all.

There are three key aspects of leasing property: Finding the right tenants, taking care of the property and making sure there aren’t any issues with the cash flow. This trifecta makes up the perfect arrangement so you can enjoy passive, regular income. However, when you adopt a full DIY approach, the word “passive” tends to take on a different meaning. Things don’t feel very passive when you’re the one doing the handyman work (especially if you don’t consider yourself very handy), running background checks and breaking your back to take care of advertising vacant properties. This isn’t what you signed up for.

With Belden on your side, we’ll take care of whatever you need from aggressive advertising campaigns to managing your monthly rental income. Hand over as much or as little responsibility as you´d like. We know that communication is important and we´ll keep you informed with monthly and yearly financial statements. Whether you only want timely collection of rent money, routine maintenance, enforcement of the lease terms or complete property management, no job (or West Point property) is too big or small. And what if you have a company that’s more affordable than all the other property management teams? That really sweetens the deal.

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