"Your Property is Our Priority"TM
"Your Property is Our Priority"TM

Prospective Tenants

Future Tenant Customers

Please pick up an application at the time of your showing or viewing of the property or download by clicking the button above.

Click “Pay Application Fee” and click “Download Application” to print, fill out, sign and and email to info@beldenrem.com.

OR Fax to our office at (801) 416-0784. (your ID may not come out clearly in which case a copy will be required prior to approval).

You can also drop off your forms and $50 per adult fee personally at our office location upon setting an appointment. If you choose to visit our office, PLEASE CALL US AT 801-686-0557  to schedule an appointment ahead of time as we are out on appointments and visiting our properties. If you have not made copies of IDS and/or Pay stubs, we can make copies here.

Some Common Questions and Answers

Q: How long does it take to process my application?
A: We generally submit them the same day they are received and they take about 24-48 business hours to process. Some applications require additional references or information and can take longer but we work as quickly as we can because we know you need a place to live! Please make sure to completely fill out the form and sign and date it. We cannot process incomplete applications. Please also pay the fee to us directly or online using our Paypal link above. Once it is paid, we will submit your application for processing.
Q: When can I pay a deposit to hold this property?
A: We recommend placing a deposit at the time of application if you can, to secure the home if you are highly interested, although it is not required. Many homes rent quickly and this helps guarantee your placement. If you are not approved for the property, we will refund your holding deposit. The application fee itself is not refundable under any circumstances if your application is submitted or processed. We cannot guarantee you will be approved. The deposit can become non refundable under specific terms that are agreed to in writing. Please contact us for any questions.
Q: Do I have to pay first month’s rent and a deposit?
A: We require first month’s rent at the time of the lease signing and move in and a deposit at the same time or prior if you plan to hold the property for any specific amount of time. The deposit can become non refundable under specific terms that are agreed to in writing. Contact us for any questions about the deposit terms.
Q: When is my rent due?
A: All rent is due on the first of each month. We have a 5 day grace period in place for those that need a couple of extra days, but it is not meant to allow you to wait until the 5th to pay each month. The rent is technically late after the first, but we have grace period in place for things that come up such as late payroll or that you simply forgot. We all forget sometimes, right?
Q: If you tell me I need a co-signer, what does this entail?
A: Co-signers are not always accepted but we may require a co-signer in the case you do not qualify on your own. Co-signing on a rental property is different than a car loan or mortgage. If we allow a co-signer, they would complete an application (Either a separate form or same form depending on the number of applicants. There is space for two adults on one application) A co-signer once approved, would sign the lease and as long as all terms of the lease are met, then there is nothing that would affect their credit other than the initial credit check. We do not report rents collected or tenant accounts to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis. For them to apply, they would complete the application the same way you did and pay the fee in order to be processed. They also need to provide ID. NOTE: We can still deny your application even with a cosigner if any or all criteria is not met.

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