"Your Property is Our Priority"TM
"Your Property is Our Priority"TM



By default, all owner’s accounts are typically set up using the last name as the username and the password is 123456 by default. If this does not work, please email us at accounting@beldenrem.com to reset the account or change the login credentials.


This is YOUR property and YOUR rental business. Let us help you make it more profitable!

Aggressive Advertising

We understand the importance of renting your property as soon as possible, and for many reasons. We have invested a lot of money in internet SEO and utilize the most effective sites for potential tenant leads at no extra charge to you. We advertise using only the best online sites including a few of the following:

Tenant Screening and Placement

Although it is important to rent properties quickly, we place great importance on finding the BEST possible tenants for your property at the same time. We believe that this is an important part of doing business honestly. We could place any tenant very quickly, but then you are at a loss when the tenant decides to not pay rent or destroy the property. We have had very few evictions over the years and overall very dependable tenants. We know that a good tenant will result in better cash flow as well as less headache for you. We like to say, “No tenant is better than a bad tenant!” and we prefer to wait for the right person rather than take the first applicant that comes in the door. Our screening process is as follows: We require a complete application from all adults over 18 years of age. We pull full credit and criminal history and verify with at least 2 or more previous landlords (if they have these available). If we only call the current landlord, they may be wanting to get rid of the tenant so we call as many references as we can. We have turned down MANY applicants over the years as we have run into honest PREVIOUS landlords. After many years of “interviewing” tenants, we have a good feel from the very beginning who may or may not qualify. We also verify income through bank statements and pay stubs and will require co-signers if and when necessary. The processes we utilize minimize the risk and provide you with more peace of mind. Again, if they do not qualify, we simply send them on their way! Sometimes if they are right on that “line” of knowing whether or not to rent to them, we also involve you in the process. We have seen great potential candidates end up not being the best tenants and have seen those right on that “line” become great tenants and visa versa. It is never a guarantee of how good or awesome they will be but likely we will still be avoiding serious issues such as evictions, severe excessive damage to the home, etc.

Timely Rent and Deposit Collection and Disbursement

The beginning of each month is the time we focus on collecting rents from all of your tenants. Rents are typically due on the 1st and late after the 5th day of the month. Around the 6th and 7th is when we contact anyone who has not paid rent or is late. Most people will pay on time, but occasionally someone will have issues and we will try to inform you if that is the case. We generally charge a security deposit equal to one month’s rent on each property. For example, If the rent is $1500, we generally charge $1500 to the tenant for a security deposit, but this can be negotiable. If you allow pets, additional pet deposit amounts are negotiable. We process your rent payments electronically to you between the 8th and 10th of each month using our new online system. The funds will generally post to your bank account within 2-3 business days after. Most of our clients see their rent by the 11th-13th.

24/7 Owner Web Access! NEW!

You can login 24/7 and access your own property financial statements online 24/7!

You can log in any time and check your property’s financial situation by pulling any number of detailed reports and statements that show total income for the month and year, total expenses for the month and year, current deposit balances, and these can all be pulled in PDF or HTML formal and printed at your convenience! Are you a current owner or client? Please email us at accounting@beldenrem.com for information on how to set up your owner account if you are unsure how to do so.

1099 MISC

At the end of each year, a 1099 Misc Form will be mailed out directly to you which shows the total rent income collected for the year. For this reason, we ask that you keep us updated on your current mailing address at all times. We can also provide other detailed statements upon request. There is no extra charge for any of these statements or online access. Are you a current client? Questions regarding your 1099 should be emailed to: accounting@beldenrem.com

Affordable Maintenance and Repairs

We contact, coordinate, and schedule repairs with your tenant and the contractor or repairman on your behalf. For minor repairs, we utilize a handyman for these smaller jobs to save you money. Form more complicated issues such as foundations, plumbing, HVAC repair, electrical, we use licensed and insured contractors that do a good job for us and for you. Many of these contractors provide us reasonable rates because we use them frequently and these savings are passed on to you. We do not mark up your invoices or receive any kickbacks for repairs. First Visit To Your Home. We prefer to meet you in person at your property if possible so we can provide suggestions for improvements to your home that will benefit your new rental business and future tenants will appreciate it. If there are things that we are unclear about, we can have our contractors and vendors take a look and provide you with estimates for these upgrades. Many homes we see for the first time don’t need any specific repairs, so don’t think you necessarily will need to do anything to your home as you may not. Some simple and inexpensive improvements can help your property increase in value, prevent more costly repairs in the future, attract better tenants, and maximize your income. For example, they always say that the two best things you can do to sell a property are to paint and replace the carpet. We think this same rule applies in the residential rental business. Obviously, you don’t want to go out and buy the latest and most expensive carpet and repaint the entire home if it is still in good condition as this is something that would typically be done when it comes time to sell it or move back into it. If you do replace the carpet, you want to use a mid-grade carpet that is a darker tone, and wears and cleans well and will be good for renting purposes. Some other ideas we have given our clients as they have applied are tile in the kitchen and bathrooms (yes some bathrooms still have carpet or 70’s linoleum in them), finishing a bathroom in the basement (the most affordable way possible), finishing a room or basement to maximize rental income, repairing visible eyesores such as siding that has cracked or blown off, repairing fences, repairing and installing sprinkler systems, installing sod or hydroseeding, getting rid of 80’s wallpaper, and much more. Some of these items we realize cost serious money and may not affect your rent amount enough to validate the expense, so DON’T WORRY! There are updates and details that can be done during the term of our management agreement to keep up on your apartment unit or house a little at a time.

Frequent Visits To Your Property

Once the tenant is placed, we do not wait until they move out and hope to see the property was maintained and treated well during their lease. We schedule quick walk-throughs every quarter on all of our managed units. The primary purpose of this is to help ensure the property is being well cared for and maintained by the tenant. The secondary purpose is for preventative maintenance to save you money in the long run. The number one service we recommend with this visit (optional) is to replace your furnace filter. For a minimal fee, we can make sure you always have a fresh filter which is good to prevent many costly repairs on your HVAC system. Many tenants unfortunately forget to replace these and they are a necessary component of your system. The filter replacement also gives us a good reason to enter your home periodically to check up on it so that the tenant does not feel we are there only to check up on them. A few additional items we look at periodically are: checking under sinks to make sure pipes are not leaking and causing damage, checking smoke alarms (tenants are responsible for replacing batteries), looking at the yard in the summer months checking for weeds and dead spots, etc. If there is something the tenant is failing to maintain, we try to resolve it with the tenant first. If your property is in need of maintenance or repairs, we will do our best to notify you in non emergency situations. All tenants are required by the lease agreement to notify us in writing of any repairs that are needed. If they are the cause of the needed repair, they will be held responsible financially for that repair.


Since we are very thorough about who we rent to, this is rare. There are laws in place to prevent a tenant from remaining in a property without paying the rent. An Eviction or Unlawful Detainer is necessary when there is drug activity, deliberate damage, nuisance, violation of other lease terms, and most commonly, late or non-payment of rent. In this case, we do everything possible to contact the tenant, and immediately post a 3 Day Notice if they do not communicate with us. Rather than “evicting” most tenants either contact us and pay OR they simply move out as they realize they would lose in court. Most of the time we can resolve this on our own withOUT the use of an attorney. We try to maintain open communication and negotiations with all of our tenants when necessary and work with any situation that may arise without the use of an attorney and keep you apprised of the situation. Monthly and timely rent collection is important, and we do a lot to get the rent payment as quickly as possible. In the case that we do need additional legal resources, our attorney and staff are very quick and thorough in getting less- than- desirable tenants out of the property. We have had to evict very few tenants through the use of our attorney services but If you have a tenant in your property that is not paying rent, we can help!

Cost of Services:

We have always maintained our services and pricing very simple and straightforward. Our management services pricing is as follows:

1) One Time ONLY Initial Set Up : $300 or $250 Military or Veterans (this is per client, not per UNIT)
2) Only 8% of Rental Income – We only get paid when the home is rented and rents are collected. If it is vacant, we do not get paid. If the tenant does not pay, we do not get paid. This also covers our basic Management services such as listing and relisting your property for rent, advertising, showing to prospective tenants, running background checks and calling references, signing leases and renewals, periodic visits to the property, coordinating maintenance and repairs with contractors and tenants, after hours tenant calls, yearly 1099 forms, 24/7 online owner access for statements and reports needed for tax purposes. We do not charge lease up fees, renewal fees, vacancy fees, statements and reporting fees. For multiple units, a discounted rate can be discussed.

There are optional additional maintenance and cleaning services, repair services, yearly scheduled services, etc. This depends on the type of property and what your needs are. If you do not sign up for the additional scheduled services, we simply do not provide them or charge you for them. Evictions and other similar things are case by case, and typically a tenant is responsible to pay for their own eviction if it can be collected from them. Initially an owner pays to initiate the process.

Please see “What We DO & Q&A” https://beldenrem.com/what-we-do/ for some answers to very common good questions.

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